Mudskipper Robot

Mudskippers are the coolest fish on the planet. Why? Because they can breath on land and walk around without a care. Their unique style of movement is cute which I tried to replicate this in this project and ended up creating an Albino Alpha Mudskipper Robot! AAMuR for short. Check out the video tutorial above to see how I made it.

Interested in making one for yourself? Here are the things that you will need:

I designed the main body on Fusion 360. You can find the STL files for this project on thingiverse here.

3D printed parts

Use the following circuit diagram for the electronics.

Circuit Diagram for Mudskipper Robot

The code for this project is on Github here. Do check out the comments to how the robot works.

The final result.

You can control the robot using your phone. Just type in the IP address that you get from the serial monitor once you have uploaded the code.

That is it folks! See you in the next post!

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