Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Hey guys! Robotics series LvL 1 is here, we will build an obstacle avoiding robot this time! Using the popular Arduino platform and a few easily available components we will unleash an ever roaming unstoppable menace ( until the batteries die of course). Here are the things we will need: These are affiliate links, doContinue reading “Obstacle Avoiding Robot”

Give your next Robot 3D vision: Kinect V1 with ROS Noetic

Kinect sensors are an amazing piece of technology. I would even call it revolutionary. But sadly, the product was a bit ahead of its time. And now big ‘M’ has stopped producing it. They are going to bring back Kinect in another avatar but I don’t think it will be as cheap as its olderContinue reading “Give your next Robot 3D vision: Kinect V1 with ROS Noetic”

DIY Home Automation: Motion Sensing Switch

I have this habit of never turning off lights in my bathroom when I get out, it stays on for the entire night and in the morning I get an earful from my Mom or my flatmates depending on where I am. After acknowledging that I will never be breaking this habit, I did whatContinue reading “DIY Home Automation: Motion Sensing Switch”

Headless Ubuntu Server on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is an awesome single board computer. People have made all sorts of cool things using these versatile and compact packages. And if you are one of those people you might have started your journey with Raspberry Pi OS ( or Raspbian if you prefer the old name) which is the default recommendation andContinue reading “Headless Ubuntu Server on Raspberry Pi”

Mycroft: An open source smart assistant for your everyday needs

Smart assistants are here and they are super cool! With voice commands you can enjoy music, trivia, shop online and control appliances! And if you are not living under a rock, chances are, you have heard of ‘Alexa’ from Amazon, ‘Siri’ from Apple, ‘Cortana’ from Microsoft and ‘Google Assistant’ from well..Google(they seriously need to workContinue reading “Mycroft: An open source smart assistant for your everyday needs”

RoachBot: The DIY Light Avoiding Robot

Robots are fun! Those crawling, walking, roving, flying, swimming little machines are a joy to play with, but would it not be even better if we made one ourselves? Lucky you! we are gonna do just that! This article is the very first installment of the robots series that I have planned, we will startContinue reading “RoachBot: The DIY Light Avoiding Robot”

Alexa Enabled Smart WiFi Switch

Hello world! Smart homes are coming and nothing short of an apocalypse can stop them. And no, we will not DIY an apocalypse, instead we will jump on the band wagon and build a smart switch to call our own. Read on to jump into the build! Following are the components you’ll need (The linksContinue reading “Alexa Enabled Smart WiFi Switch”