Smart Lithopane Display

YouTube Tutorial

Photographs can be 3D printed and they are awesome! It may look garbage at first glance, but shine a light through it and you will be amazed by the details it captures. These prints are called lithopanes and in this blog post we are going to make it smarter.

Here are the things you will need (affiliate links):

  1. ESP01 :
  2. ESP01 USB Adapter/Programmer :
  3. Neopixel LED Ring (8 LED):
  4. Printed Circuit board:
  5. 5V to 3.3V Converter:
  6. Micro USB breakout board:
  7. Female berg connectors:
  8. Wires for connection
The stuff you need

Use the circuit diagram given below to make the connections.

Circuit Diagram

You will get something like this:

Electronics Assembly

Download the STL file for the body from here and print using your favorite 3D printer. I used Ender 3 with PLA filament for mine. I recommend white color which looks the best with all the lighting effects.

Display body printed using Ender 3

Go to itslitho website to generate the lithopanes. The resolution of the photograph should be 990×700 px for it to be compatible with the body. Set the frame thickness to 4mm and width to 2mm. Print the lithopane with 100% infill for th best results.

Lithopane printed using ender 3

Program the ESP01 with code from here. Refer to this article to learn how to program an ESP01.

Place the electronics assembly inside the body and slide the lithopane in from the side. Power it up by connecting it to a 5v charger using micro USB cable.

Use the web app to control the lighting effects. You can access the web app by connecting your device (phone/computer) to the same network as the ESP01 and typing in the IP address set in the code.

Web app

And you have your very own Smart Lithopane Display! See you in the next post.

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